Code Jab

Codejab is a snippet CMS built using PHP, MYSQL, CSS, and JavaScript with some jQuery tweaks.

This project started on wordpress with a stripped down admin, and wp-syntax highlighting plugin.

It worked well for what I wanted,but I felt it was time to move it to its own lightweight CMS.

CMS Features
* Easy Installer
* Clean and simple interface for posting code by upload or cut and paste
* Loading content via AJAX
* Syntax highlighting with geshi
* Ability for code to expire by date (with jQuery date picker)
* Ajax login/register process with status messages
* Favorite system for registered users
* User submission system (must be approved to submit code)
* Categories and Tags
* Tag cloud based on posts
* Pagination system for page(s) of snippets
* Auto complete search implementation
* Download of each snippet (.php for php, .pl for perl, etc)
* Download source code in .pdf format
* Download zip of code snippet
* Printing of source code with color highlighting
* Download zip archive of all source code
* Thumbs-up rating system
* Slide down share box for sharing code
* Embed code for external sites

* Icons for admin panel

* jQuery UI (auto complete and date picker)

* Timer picker (add on for jQuery UI date picker)

* jQuery jqprint (printing source code)

* jQuery Form (login/signup)

* GeSHi Syntax Highlighter (for all source code snippets)

* dompdf (for generating pdfs)